Religion and FGM

FGM is practised by members of all major religions

Key Findings

FGM is an ancient traditional practice which has been taking place for over 2,000 years. It is often mistakenly believed that FGM should be performed for religious reasons.

Religious Requirement

FGM is NOT required by any religious script

FGM and Religion

The practice of FGM pre-dates all the major religions

Practising Faiths

FGM is practised by ALL the major religions at differing rates depending on location

Religious Leaders

Leaders of all faiths have a critical role to play in the work to end FGM internationally

Call to action

28 Too Many research on FGM practising countries to date has consistently reported that amongst the complex reasons given for FGM, religious values are commonly cited and used within communities to justify continuation.  Both Governments and activists need to work alongside leaders of all faiths to bring about lasting change.  28 Too Many will continue to do so through our advocacy work and research programme.  

Research and Resources