Law and FGM

FGM is illegal in most countries

Key Findings

Laws alone will not eradicate FGM, but they have a critical role to play in supporting the campaign to end FGM internationally.  

International Law

There are many International Laws and Treaties that are relevant to the practice of FGM.

National Laws

At least 23 African countries now have laws in place that expressly prohibit FGM.

Community Laws

Some communities believe FGM is justified under local customary and religious laws.

Law Enforcement

Evidence suggests that the success of law enforcement and prosecutions vary widely across Africa and the world.

New Research Commissioned

28 Too Many is currently partnering with Trust Law to undertake research into the Law and FGM across 28 practising countries in Africa plus the United Kingdom and the United States.  We will be publishing a series of detailed reports in 2018 which will be made available here.

Research and Resources