Blog posts from our network of grassroots activists and research academics

Guest Blog by Miranda Dobson, Orchid Project

SAFE Maa is a Kenyan-based NGO and UK charity working with the Maasai in the Loita Hills, South West Kenya, on ending female genital cutting (FGC), environmental sustainability, and addressing HIV and AIDS. They have been delivering programmes since 2008, and are dedicated to changing the attitudes surrounding FGC in Loita as a way to help create community-led change. Orchid Project partnered with SAFE Maa in 2013 to support an awareness-raising performance tour on FGC and have continued to work closely with them ever since.

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The Law and FGM in Nigeria

20 February 2018

Guest post by Barrister Ugwu Somtochukwu Nnamdi, Society for the Improvement of Rural People (SIRP). Did you know that currently in Nigeria, 20 million women and girls have been mutilated and yet there has been no conviction? Although, there are so many reasons for this, but in this article we dwelt on the two major reasons for this in Nigeria.

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Guest Blog by Kadi Doumbia. I have been trying to find out about a reason why girls have to undergo female genital mutilation, but unfortunately, I have not yet found any valid reasons to why we, girls must undergo this practice; perhaps there is no reason at all other than myths and ignorance.

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