About Us

Established in 2010

28 Too Many is a registered charity in England and Wales (1150379), established in 2010 by Dr Ann-Marie Wilson to undertake research and provide knowledge and tools to those working to end FGM in the countries in Africa where it is practised and across the diaspora worldwide.

Theory of Change

Our vision is a world where every girl and woman is safe, healthy and lives free from female genital mutilation.

28 Too Many effects change by:

  1. Collating and Interpreting Data (Research)

We present data in a number of ways, primarily through Country Profile Reports and Thematic Papers, and with additional research products as required. To support our aims, we make this research available globally.

  1. Influencing Influencers (Top down approach)

Using the data we have collated, we engage key influencers, encouraging them to advocate for change (of policy, legislation, etc) within their spheres of influence.

  1. Equipping Local Organisations  (Bottom up approach)

Based on our research, we develop and distribute advocacy materials and training tools that local organisations can use to bring effective change at a community level.

Ultimately change happens when policy and legislation (top down) aligns with community action and education (bottom up).  Our approach is to play a catalytic role in both and to base our interventions on solid research.

Management Team

Dr Ann-Marie Wilson – Founder/Executive Director

A psychologist and training consultant with 30 years’ experience, Ann-Marie has a background in corporate life and her own not-for-profit consultancy firm specialising in charity projects.  Since 2004, Ann-Marie has worked in full-time aid work, holding positions for eight overseas relief, rehabilitation or development agencies in 18 countries.

Sean Callaghan – Operations Manager

Sean brings over 25 years’ experience in international development, including a decade in coaching social entrepreneurs and facilitating leadership development. He has consulted for numerous businesses and not-for-profit organisations across Africa and the Middle East, the UK and the United States. Sean has a diverse and comprehensive background, along with expertise in coaching, mentoring, facilitating and training.

Amy Hurn – Research Manager

Amy has experience in both planning and project management, working in the education and transport sectors. She also has experience in the voluntary sector, including organising fundraising events. Her passion for education and child rights helped her to recognise the significance of working to end FGM and the importance of offering her skills to 28 Too Many to develop research products that can be used throughout the sector.

Emma Lightowlers – Communications Manager

Emma has a background in communication and research and over 20 years of experience in a number of different sectors, including education and working with refugees. She has a strong interest in women’s health issues and is currently studying for a Masters in Global Health.  Emma is an active volunteer and is also part of the UN Online Volunteers network.

28 Too Many Board/Trustees

Sue Watson - Chair

Sue is an accomplished Learning & Development Consultant & Change Manager with extensive national & international experience across diverse industries. She brings commercial insight & sound project planning to help organisations achieve desired business outcomes. Her consultative approach includes needs analysis, creation of learning strategy, instructional design, workshop facilitation, assessment, clear communications, stakeholder engagement & behavioural change.

Suzy Goodson – Treasurer

Suzy is a chartered accountant with experience working across the business, charity and voluntary sectors. As well as using her expertise in financial management in her role as treasurer, Suzy is passionate about improving the lives of girls and women through her work with 28 Too Many.

Hoda Ali – Trustee

Hoda is a nurse in a Sexual Health and HIV clinic. She has dedicated her professional life to raising awareness of FGM, focused on ensuring girls are treated with dignity and compassion when they encounter healthcare professionals in the NHS. Hoda is a regular speaker and trainer on how to tackle FGM and support survivors. She was also part of the team of volunteers who created the UK’s first anti-FGM billboard campaign.

Yemi Garuba – Trustee

Yemi began her career in the financial services sector and has a wealth of public sector knowledge, having held senior roles within the NHS and, more recently, within Public Health England as head of operations. Yemi brings to the table a background in governance, operations, business planning and change management. She has a heart for justice matters and women’s rights and welfare and actively volunteers through her local church, working with women and prisoners.

Jacqueline Hoover – Trustee

Jacqueline is a free-lance instructor in Islamic Studies. She teaches in a number of institutions, including the University of Nottingham. Prior to coming to the UK, she lived and taught for many years in Egypt and Lebanon

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