Academic Papers

Collaborating to be stronger: How learnings from eradicating Chinese foot binding bring hope to ending FGM in Africa 28 Too Many poster presentation to SVRI Forum 2013

How the methods used to eliminate footbinding in China can be employed to eradicate female genital mutilation by Dr Ann-Marie Wilson, Executive Director of 28 Too Many (May 2012)

Campaigning against the Cutting Cultre - part 1: History and Health by Dr Ann-Marie Wilson, Institute of Psychosexual Medicine journal, 57, pp 9-11, August 2011

Campaigning against the Cutting Culture - part 2: Case studies, hope and conclusions by Dr Ann-Marie Wilson, Psychosexual Medicine journal, 59, pp 17-20, April 2012

Ending Footbinding and Infibulation: A Convention Account by Gerry Mackie (1996)

Female Genital Mutilation: Cultural and psychological implications by James Whitehorn, Oyedeji Ayonrinde and Samantha Maingay (2010)


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